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Seven Photographers To Undress

Clothing is like therapy, according to some studies helps you better accept your body as well as being a stimulant for the physical and psychological health. So we concluded that from today we will provide ourselves a good dose of daily nudity. It would be a little rough do so under what circumstances (for example, in the office or on the bar), seen in Western culture have taught us to always be well dressed, but in an ideal world would be his. At the end of the day, that's how we got to the world and many of our complex would disappear if we were used to seeing naked people naturally every day and every hour. But for now we will comply with doing in our house, because the beach begins to cool and because we do not want to look bad in the street. The world is not ready for such feats. Anyway, there are many reasons why undress and these photographers make the recall.

Alex Guiry : to connect with nature. let go of everything that reminds you constantly that you live in an emotionally repressive society. When you fuse with nature disappears any sense of attachment and raisins to be free. Alex Guiry reminds us with his series 'Naked Nothing', where the primal instincts wake up again.