About Alex

"I had heard stories of Alex Guiry before I had met him. It seemed like everyone I met last summer had a Guiry story that they couldn't help but laugh their way through. The stories depicted someone that was capable of completely and unabashedly not giving a fuck; posing naked in a riot, inciting tears of anger, art school drop out, introductions to magazine editors through nude cliff dives...

Naturally, I met Guiry under storied conditions. That night, he and I, both littered, seemed to pace each other′s antics. I later realized this was just Alex, he was just going forward as only he wanted to. And I was completely wrong in my assumptions of him. Alex really gives a fuck.

With aspirations to make the world a better place, and a heart too big for his mind, the process of improving the world around him just moves too slowly − it makes him anxious. I began to understand how his desire to move people translated into the laughter, tears of anger, or general ″what the hell?″ moments that became the stories I had heard prior to our meeting. Simply, his ability to move is unparalleled. Be it through his photos or the way he lives, everything he touches seems to stir.

In this hyper − globalized, always emerging Artworld, there are too many people everywhere working like maniacs to get ahead. The age of the dilettante artist is fading and the ability to get ahead from your reputation is becoming less likely. Thankfully, wild reputation or not, Alex is damn talented. Alex Guiry is a passionate photographer that will not only inspire you through the stills capturing his wondrous lifestyle, but also his art. To see through his lens is to be hungry. " - Sasha Barkans